Asteroid Eros , Love from afar ?

Asteroid Eros , Love from afar ?
Asteroid Eros , Love from afar ?

Big Asteroid Eros Approaches Earth but will pass from a safe distant withoy impact. Space and sky observers will feast on the view wit telescopes.

Washington / NationalTurk – A huge asteroid named Eros will approach planet earth with no danger of possible impact, since it remains at a “safe distance”, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) stated.

Asteroid Eros is 34 kilometers long in diameter and is expected to come to the Earth as close as 27.7 kilometers on Wednesday early morning and will pass the night sky through Leo, Sextants and Hydra constellations, space experts told.

The Eros asteroid can be observed in some regions of the planet with simple telescopes until February 10, before it moves distant.

Asteroid Eros is an old friend of our planet

Eros, an asteroid composed by magnesium and iron silicate, was discovered on August 13, 1898 by astronomers Carl Gustav Witt and Auguste Charlois. The last recorded time Eros approached Earth was on 1975 and after 2012, it will approach Planet Earth, our home again in 2056.

Planet Earth on cosmic nera-miss highway for asteroids

Another asteroid hurtled past the Earth on last Friday in a cosmic near-miss, made its closest approach.

The asteroid, estimated to be about 11m (36ft) in diameter, was first detected on Wednesday.

At its closest, the space rock – named 2012 BX34 – passed within about 60,000km of Earth – less than a fifth of the distance to the Moon.

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