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Twelve shots were fired, two men died: after the deadly attack on members of the “Golden Dawn” threaten new unrest Greece. Supporters of the neo-Nazi party announce revenge, some even speak of civil war.

In Greece, there are increasing worries that the country could slide into a period of political and social instability again. Background is the murder of two members of the extreme right party “Golden Dawn”. The 22 and 29 year old men were shot dead on Friday in front of the party office in Athens.

Sources in the police force to speak of a possible terrorist attack. The professionalism of the attack, the use of a motorcycle and the previous concerns of the police that a terrorist attack could be imminent, pointed in this direction. An involvement of the mafia or personal revenge motives are currently considered less likely. The investigation is being led by the anti-terrorist service of the Greek police.

The newspaper “To Vima” cited unnamed investigators as saying that the authorities had for some time feared terrorist attacks, but originally suspected financial or political goals. “But the murder (the anti-fascist musicians – note) Pavlos Fyssas has changed.”

The rapper Fyssas was stabbed to death in mid-September in front of a cafe in Athens – allegedly by a neo-Nazi with ties to the “Golden Dawn”. The case led to large protests, the police has since been decided against the right-wing party before. Greece is now believed that the double murder could be a revenge for the death of Fyssas.

Two Golden Dawn supporters assassinated in drive-by shooting in N
Two Golden Dawn supporters assassinated in drive-by shooting in N

The police suspect behind the attack left-wing groups such as the “Sect of Revolutionaries” or another shattered splinter group of the 2010 underground organization “Revolutionary Struggle”.

Although the formation of a new organization is not excluded. However, some signs indicate that the known groups, they say. A weapon of the caliber 9 mm was also already used in the killings of a journalist and a police officer, which are the “Sect of Revolutionaries” attributed.

The murder weapon on Friday was a submachine gun of the type Zastava, police said. At the scene twelve cartridges had been found.

Even earlier attacks from the extreme left-wing underground were a response to previous events. The “revolutionary struggle” committed about after the death of the student Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who had severe riots in Athens resulted in 2008, an attack on the Ministry of Education.

Greece Neo-Nazis:Right-wing extremists want to use stop


Greek society, worn down by years of economic crisis, now is facing a new ordeal. Many fear a resurgence of the “Golden Dawn”, its chief and other deputies arrested early October and their state funds had been deleted. The killings were “a blow against democracy, society and our country,” said Dimitris Papadimoulis, member of the opposition party SYRIZA. “You are not a blow against fascism., You nourish it.”

“Golden Dawn” had recently lost much of its popularity. Now the party is trying to use the stop for their own purposes. The system has paved the way for the murder by’ve created an atmosphere of hostility against the party. Samaras are the responsible government and corrupt media.

In social networks and Internet forums sympathizers of the “Golden Dawn” announce revenge. When the murdered are unconfirmed reports that a 22-year-old student and a 27-year-old doorman. A 29-year-old father was seriously injured and is in hospital.

The perpetrator had a plan “to prepare a civil war in Greece,” said the chairman of the populist nationalist party “Independent Greeks”, Panos Kameno. The coalition government is alarmed and announced a decisive action. Any act of inciting unrest and violence is to be prevented.

The Greek media commentators speak of a deliberate attempt to destabilize the country. “Twelve balls against democracy” headlines the newspaper “Ta Nea”. And “To Ethnos” states: “An execution which aims at stability.” The authorities need to act as quickly as possible to clear up, the conservative Athens newspaper “Kathimerini” to prevent a “loss of control”.

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