Brazilian President: Economic Crisis Opportunity for Brazil, Turkey

Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian president on Friday said that economic crisis was an opportunity for Turkey and Brazil when bilateral relations and capacities of the two countries were taken into consideration.

Dilma Rousseff said Turkey and Brazil could boost their current relations, and find the way to get less affected by economic crises.

Turkey and Brazil were two countries that sustained their growth despite global crisis, Rousseff noted during Brazil Business Forum in Ankara.

Rousseff explained that industrial products of Turkey and Brazil were complementary of each other, and bilateral trade had risen in the first half of 2011.

The Brazilian president said Brazil could be a door opening to Latin America for Turkish businessmen, and similarly Turkey could be a door opening to Europe, Asia and Middle East for Brazilian businessmen.

Rousseff indicated Turkey and Brazil were not countries that could grow by keeping economic policies as constant, and they always had to implement new economic policies.

The president defined World Cup 2014 and Summer Olympic Games 2016 as significant construction and tourism opportunities for Turkish businessmen, and said two countries could also cooperate in energy.

Rousseff also said Brazil’s biodiesel experience could have a contribution on Turkey.

Brazilian President Rousseff will meet Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul at the Presidential Residence in Ankara later on Friday.

The two presidents will have a working lunch, attend signature ceremony of several agreements between the two countries and hold a joint press conference.

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