Britney Spears’ most absurd stories

Britney SpearsBritney Spears’ 75 most absurd stories of the year

Britney has listed “75 most absurd stories of 2009” on her website. All stories are about the pop singer herself and have been selected from the total 13,000 stories published about her.

No.1 in the list is a Daily Mirror report that Britney is dating choreographer Sandip Soparrkar. A report that Britney’s comeback came earlier before her manager could expect won the second price to the OK! Magazine.

Britney’s criteria for selecting and ranking the most absurd stories: stories have to be either “factually incorrect,” blatantly “absurd” or “offensive to sensibilities.”

One of the ‘ridiculous’ stories, run by The Daily Star, details about how poor Britney’s family was once. Her family used to dine on anything that father Jamie hunted and brought home. And the family menu included even squirrels!

Some wrote Jamie would order his celebrity daughter to read the Bible every day. The same Jamie, according to some other reports, used to drug Britney!

Another story is that people once boycotted Britney’s concert after they found her to be lip-synching, during an Australian tour.

Other “absurd” stories have various themes such as Britney’s boyfriends, mental breakdowns and a third pregnancy.


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