Britney Spears stretches on a pole dance pole

Britney Spears is once again drawing attention to her Instagram profile. There the pop singer dances, scantily dressed, in front of a mirror.

Over 42 million people follow Britney Spears on Instagram. There, the singer mostly shares photos and videos of herself – mostly scantily dressed.

Various clips in which she dances are also an integral part of her social media repertoire. In her latest posting, a pole dance pole is also used in her dance performance.

With her back on the pink pole, Britney Spears swings her hips and films herself in a mirror. She is wearing a pink bikini and black high heels. As usual, she lets the recording speak for itself; as usual, she has deactivated the comment function.

Over 600,000 users like the online contribution. Britney Spears’ posts have not always caused enthusiasm in the past. Some bizarre appearances on her profile caused increasing concern among her fans. They have been concerned about the musician’s well-being for years.

Britney Spears was under her father’s guardianship for 13 years. It was only two years ago that she was able to free herself from it through a court case. Since then, she hasn’t said a good word publicly about her family. The relationship is considered broken. She also has no contact with her two sons; the teenagers don’t want to see her.

In August it was finally announced that Britney Spears had lost another important person in her life: husband Sam Asghari. The couple separated after a total of six years of dating. The 41-year-old then explained on Instagram that she would not comment on the background, but admitted: “I honestly couldn’t bear the pain anymore!” After this statement, she is now keeping quiet about the end of her marriage – and instead continues to provide her followers with dance videos.

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