Bullfighting ban in Catalonia (Barcelona), Spain as of 2012

The parliament of the Catalonia region of Spain has banned bullfighting after a vote took place when some 180,000 people signed a petition to ban the barbaric cultural sport.

Animal Rights groups have been battling for a ban on the "bloodsport" for decades to stop such scenes as those on the image above.

As a result, bullfighting will be illegal in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona regions as of January 2012.

The vote at the parliament of Catalonia was welcomed by the majority of Catalonians but still many were upset by the vote because bullfighting is seen as a traditional activity.

The vote on Wednesday saw 68 parliamentarians voting for the ban where as 55 voted against it. Nine others abstained.

For several years, many animal rights groups had thought to ban the barbaric sport where a bull is put into a ring and several sharp objects are stabbed into the back of the animal.

The matador or bullfighter then dances around the bull and finally sticks a sword into the heart of the animal.

Animal rights groups have called the activity a “blood sport” rather than a cultural sport.

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  1. So why wait until 2012 !!!! oh right. the governmant need to make a little bit more money out of these poor animals, and line their pockets with blood money. BAN THIS BLOOD SPORT NOW!!!….. 2012, HA.. THATS JOKE ! AND HOW MANY BULLS WILL SUGFFER BETWEEN NOW AND THEN. SHAME ON YOU !

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