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Forest fire in Bordeaux destroys properties, conflagration remains uncontrollable

The large forest fire off the coast southwest of Bordeaux has destroyed seven homes and two restaurants in the town of Cazaux in the Gironde department. / Forest fire in Bordeaux

The approximately four thousand people in Cazaux were evacuated on Thursday / Forest fire in Bordeaux

According to local media, the buildings were completely destroyed. But according to the authorities, the fire service managed to save at least a hundred homes and other buildings in Cazaux from the fire.

It is the first significant damage to properties reported from Gironde since two wildfires broke out on Tuesday. Previously, homes were not threatened and mainly pine forests burned down.

Meanwhile, a total of more than 7,300 hectares of forest – an area of ​​more than 10,000 football fields – has gone up in flames. More than ten thousand people have been evacuated.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated / Forest fire in Bordeaux

The other bushfire is further east at Landiras, south of Bordeaux. There, 4,200 hectares of forest have burned down. The fire brigade has announced that in the night from Thursday to Friday, almost five hundred people had to leave their homes because of the fire risk. But a spokesperson said Friday morning that “we are currently holding out”.

The fire brigade is not yet able to control the fire and fears that this will not be possible during the weekend due to the wind.

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