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Forest Fire In Marmaris Is Coming To Erdogan’s Summer Palace

The fire, which started in the Hisarönü Mahallesi Bördübet location in Muğla's Marmaris district, continues.

Flames head towards Okluk Bay, where the summer palace built by the Presidency is located.

In the forest fire effective on more than 200 hectares, the advancing flames began to threaten the settlements in Hisarönü Mahallesi, Değirmenyanı location, Ahmediye Sokak.

As a precaution, a total of 68 people, 29 large and small cattle, 10 chickens, 1 cat and 5 vehicles were evacuated from 20 houses in the region.

The flames were concentrated in the Bördübet area Karaağaç Hill region. Airborne intervention was interrupted for half an hour due to heavy smoke.

The speed of the wind reaching 45 kilometers per hour also gave the land crews a hard time.

Teams continue to work to stop the flames advancing towards Okluk Bay, where the Presidential State Guesthouse, also known as the Summer Palace, is located.

Marmaris Mayor: 90% Sabotage

Marmaris Mayor Mehmet Oktay made a statement that “90 percent sabotage, because the fire started simultaneously at three different points”. The ash in the untouched areas in this region, and especially the environments suitable for pine honey, caused great sadness in the district.


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