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Former head of state media regulator jailed in Turkey

The former head of Turkey’s television watchdog, Zahid Akman during his arrest
The former head of Turkey’s television watchdog, Zahid Akman during his arrest

The former head of Turkey’s television watchdog and the state media regulator and three executives of a conservative TV station were jailed on Monday by a turkish court, pending trial.

Zahid Akman, the former president of the Supreme Board of Radio and Television, or RTÜK, and three executives of Kanal 7 – Zekeriya Karaman, İsmail Karahan and Mustafa Çelik – were jailed as part of the probe into embezzlement at the Germany-based Islamic charity Lighthouse e.V.

Deniz Feneri Charity Scandal : Jail Sentences

The investigation is linked to a 2008 court case in Germany, in which three senior members of the charity, Deniz Feneri, were found guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to jail. The jailed persons could face up to 18 years in prison for corruption and fraud.

Zahid Akman, former state television watchdog

They were initially taken into custody three years ago and after a four-day, 50-hour hearing, the four suspects were sent to Ankara’s Sincan Prison after a judge’s decision. Zahid Akman and the three Kanal 7 executives have been accused of forging documents, fraud and buying Kanal 7 shares with charity money. Nationwide there are talks of abuse of religion, by gathering huge amount of money from religous people for their own purposes.

Corruption and Fraud : Islamic Charity and Tv Executives

Prosecutors of the ongoing investigation are preparing the indictment and the criminal court will be assigned for embezzling millions of euros. If the indictment is accepted, Akman and the three executives will be on trial facing up to 18 years in prison for charge of for corruption and fraud.



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