Ghanaian Illegal immigrant Italy:Suspect kills one person with pickaxe in Milan and injuring others / Africa News

Illegal-Ghanaian-Immigrant-Kills-PersonPolice in the Northern Italian city of Milan have said that an illegal Ghanaian immigrant has gone on rampage with a pickaxe in the city, killing a passer-by and wounding four others.

The suspect named as Mada Kabobo believed to be 21 years of age has been arrested by the Milan city Police and is in Police custody currently.

The killed man is 40 years who reside in the northern suburb of the city but the two of the four people injured are said to be in a very critical condition in hospital.

The motive of the attack by the suspect still remain unclear to police detective but police officials say they will do anything possible to unravel the motive behind the attack.

But also Police confirmed Mr. Kabobo was in the country illegally, and had previously been arrested over a variety of alleged offences including theft and robbery.

The Ghanaian Foreign Ministry has not commented on the issue and it is unclear whether the suspect will be deported to Ghana or will be tried in Italy.

Illegal immigration to Europe in Africa is very common as a result of hard living and economic conditions coupled with high rate of unemployment.

Some of these illegal Immigrants sometimes end up drowning in the Mediterranean Sea or in the desert to the far east of the Northern African countries borders.

Issaka Adams / NationalTurk Africa News

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