Jamaican descent hot model Keneisha wants sex with Usain Bolt, Photos / Magazine News


Usain Bolt is a ” Sex god” in his native Jamaican Model Keneisha, where all the women sobbed after the famous athlete.(Photos)

Among the most fiery fan of world record holder is Keneisha known top model in the country rimurilor reggae, which is melted by Bolt.


Jamaican model Keneisha all Jaimaica left pining for her, however, what this beauty wants is nothing less than to be close to Usain Bolt.


Sensual Keneisha pleaded fanatical athlete and said that is all the competitions in which they participate. Usain Bolt is arguably the most envied man in Jamaica after the statements on this brunette.


All Jamaica longs for two pairs of legs: the world speed record holder Usain Bolt and of this splendid model, an ardent follower of the athlete. The national question is to discern which of the two pairs deserves more attention.


The Jamaican descent Keneisha , who now resides in Los Angeles, has joined the popular clamor and fan of compatriot and wants having sex with Usain Bolt is declared.

”  I want  met with Usain Bolt one night to eat and I really want to share something special,” she said.


Sexy model Keneisha challenged the world recordman , and says come on Bolt let we break  together world records.



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