Leni Klum posts a picture in a bikini – and reminds of Mama Heidi

Leni Klum shares a revealing photo on Instagram. Her fans are enthusiastic, but also recognize a certain resemblance to her mother.

Since Leni Klum has officially been in the spotlight, she has been letting her followers share her life on Instagram. Above all, she gives her fans insights into her everyday life as a model, but the 18-year-old also shows private snapshots from time to time to her almost one and a half million followers.

“The most beautiful girl on this planet”

She is currently inspiring them with two photos of herself in a touch of nothing – and is reminiscent of her mom Heidi. The supermodel’s daughter has made herself comfortable in a chair. Leni is wearing a pink bikini with a floral pattern.

She has put a hat on her head, which she pulled over her face for the first picture. Her face can be seen in the second photo. Her eyes are closed as if she is dozing. She only commented on the two snapshots with a ZZZ emoji, the symbol for sleep.

The pictures were liked more than 150,000 times, and numerous fans commented on the post. “She really is the most beautiful girl on this planet,” wrote one follower, for example. “I’m jealous that I don’t look like her,” said another user. Compliments such as “pretty”, “wow” or “incredible” can also be found in the comment column.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

The post reminds a few users of Heidi Klum. “They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” said one follower. “Greet your mother!” Like her mother, Leni works as a model. In December 2020, the now 18-year-old celebrated her modeling debut, since then she has been running for designers such as Christian Dior or designing fashion for About You.

The revealing photos are reminiscent of the pictures that her mother regularly shares with her fans on Instagram. The 49-year-old likes to show herself lightly dressed, topless or even completely bare on the social media platform. With a picture of herself below without, she also caused a stir among her followers.

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