Luciano Camporesi captured in Antalya

Luciano Camporesi, seen as an important international drug smuggler with close ties to the mafia, pursued by Italy and the European Police Service, was caught with a false identity in Antalya.

Italian media announced that Italian drug smuggler Luciano Camporesi, wanted for 4 years, was caught in Antalya.

According to the news reported by Övgü Pınar from BBC Turkish, fake identity documents were found on Camporesi, who is on the most wanted list of the European Police Service (Europol).

It has been reported that 47-year-old Luciano Camporesi, who was sentenced to 22 years and 8 months in prison for international drug smuggling in Italy and wanted for 4 years, was caught in a house in Antalya on 11 November with the cooperation of security forces from Italy and Turkey.

“Luciano Camporesi: He has close ties to the mafia”

Public broadcaster Rai noted that Camporesi, who is from Rimini, is considered a prominent international drug trafficker with close ties to the Ndrangheta mafia based in the Calabria region. Turkey has not yet made a statement about the operation.

In August 2018, Italian security forces seized more than 20 tons of marijuana on a ship called the “Remus”, which was determined to belong to Camporesi. The ship’s crew of 11, all Montenegrin, were detained. As a result of the investigation called “Pollino – European ‘Ndrangheta Connection”, Camporesi was sentenced to 22 years and 8 months in prison for international drug trafficking.

The Locri Court, located in the Calabria region of southern Italy, sentenced 12 people, including Camporesi, to 172 years in prison in the case. However, Luciano Camporesi’s whereabouts have not been known since December 5, 2018.

According to the Italian press, the search efforts have focused on Turkey in recent weeks. Information obtained by the Italian Anti-Mayfayla Investigation Agency (DIA) showed that the drug smuggler was on Turkish soil at least until 2021.

According to prosecutors of the “Pollino – European ‘Ndrangheta Connection’ investigation, Luciano Camporesi was involved in an international drug trafficking network operating between South America and Italy and Northwest Europe.


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