Mesut Ozil to play forward in tonight’s clash Barcelona Real Madrid

According to reports from spanish newspaper Marca, Jose Mourinho plans the put the talented German national midfielder Mesut Ozil along with French striker Karim Benzema into forward spot.

Mesut Ozil came as a substitute in the latest match on saturday, where he changed the tide of the game. Real Madrid, despite playing with 10 players on the pitch, suceeded to score.

Madrid’s eccentric manager Jose Mourinho is expected to put the  German-borne turkish star into the starting elf and gives him the forward position and not his usual playmaker role.

The Copa Del Ray clash will be played tonight at 21.15 local time.

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  1. Colin-I really did not mean to iatnnuise any foul play by Barca or any conspiracy. The point was that dictatorships attempt to control our collective imagination by promoting single virtue of justice which only they can provide the perpetuation of Dutch football as the only ideal worthy of aspiration has a similar stranglehold.And I repeat my problem is not with Barcelona!For the record, though, I have selectively decided not to wade into the murky waters of Franco-era football for a several reasons:1) Opinion blends into fact all too often. When I lived in Madrid and met several individuals who had lived through the regime, the spectrum of theories ran from Franco controlled everything to Franco didn’t do anything. 2) Certain facts are odd like Barca being the first team to beat Madrid in a European Cup playoff during the regime. Also, Barca won the Copa del Generalisimo in Madrid in front of Franco. Of course, people will say he just tossed out a loaf of bread to diffuse dissent, but that logic can be applied to any contrary evidence, no?The one fact we can agree on is that Franco ran a brutal dictatorship. However, the only specific anecdote of football interference which I am 100% sure I believe is the infamous visit at halftime during Madrid’s 11-1 win over Barca in 1943.If anyone has any good investigative journalism or books that go beyond the usual hazy and nebulous conspiracy theories, I am all ears ..

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