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A Fonterra milk tanker arrives to Fonterra's Te Rapa plant near Hamilton

Scandal involving contaminated baby milk from New Zealand almost all affected products were seized. But the discussion about the manufacturer is now really begins.

New Zealand fears because of the food scandal at the dairy company Fonterra to its reputation as exporter of organic brands. Trade Minister Tim Groser said on Tuesday there was a risk that China would block additional products. “So far there has been limited impact., But that could change and take the matter further circles,” warned the minister.

The world’s largest dairy company Fonterra had acknowledged over the weekend that in some of its products manufactured in the past year, a bacterium was discovered that the disease can cause life-threatening botulism. The possible contamination comes from a protein concentrate and affects mainly milk powder for infants.

China imports 90 percent of its milk powder from New Zealand. Even the country’s currency, the New Zealand dollar fell, under pressure because of the scandal.

The immediate danger for consumers is now banned apparently. Almost all potentially contaminated food and drinks were assured, Fonterra said.

New Zealand Milk Powder Scandal:The image of the clean country gets scratches

But now could damage the country’s image. New Zealand advertises worldwide “100 percent pure” with the slogan. The dairy industry represents a quarter of New Zealand’s export earnings. Overall, accounting for 60 percent of exports in agriculture and forestry, as well as animal and fish farming. Almost a fifth of economic output of Australia’s eastern neighbors attributable to this sector – one of the highest rates among all industrialized countries.

But the public switched image from the clean country has recently gotten some scratches. According to a study by the Ministry of Environment have more than 60 percent of the studied rivers is poor or very poor water quality. Also contribute to the Farmer: The cattle are kept on pasture all year, the fertilizer ends up in the rivers.

After the scandal involving tainted milk powder that nervousness is particularly large. Especially as the belonging to Danone Nutricia baby food manufacturer has recalled a second baby milk powder in New Zealand. The Ministry of Extractive Industries launched an information campaign to warn parents, hospitals and daycare centers. Those who have the affected Nutricia milk powder on the shelf, should destroy it or return it to the store.

The biggest dairy Fonterra device, however, because of its information policy under increasing pressure. “Fonterra has to answer a series of questions,” Prime Minister John Key said in Parliament.
The Minister for Economic Development, Stephen Joyce, said he had sent several employees at the company’s sites in New Zealand and Australia, which are intended to ensure that accurate information flow. Such a move would certainly unusual, but consumers worldwide would have to regain confidence, the minister told the Radio New Zealand.

The information supplied by Fonterra would have been proven wrong, criticizing Joyce. The contaminated with bacteria whey was prepared in May 2012 – Fonterra announced the discovery of bacteria but only on the weekend after months of tests known, more than a year later. “This is all very frustrating,” Joyce said.

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