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Missing students in Mexico: Land of mafias and mass graves / Breaking News

Mexico Violence

In the case of missing 43 students in Mexico, the alleged perpetrators have stored gruesome confessions. 26,000 more people are missing. The fates make clear rule which states in the country.

It was the message in front of which all of Mexico has feared. As Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam at noon on Friday appeared before the press, one could read in his face already, that he would put off anyone this time. With a deep voice Mexico chief investigator said: “The 43 missing for six weeks students are most likely dead.”

The young men were arrested in the city of Iguala the end of September, because they were hijacked buses on the way to a demonstration. After the arrest they disappeared. The new statements and notes is now increasingly likely, what a cruel fate they suffered.

The Attorney General is based on the confessions of three suspicious teenager. To prove this he led a video, showing the excerpts of the interviews and crime scene inspections.

In the several-minute-long film tell the alleged perpetrators, as they killed in the night of September 26, 43 young people on a garbage dump, and then burned the remains in plastic bags packed in a river threw. The descriptions are reminiscent of human rights crimes that were inconceivable so maybe in the dark Latin American dictatorships of the last century, but not in a democracy that sees itself on the jump in the ranks of the ten largest economies.

The confessions and two trash bags were indeed found significant evidence, said the Attorney General. But only one DNA matching could bring final certainty. Several weeks ago there was ever confessions, but the bodies were discovered in mass graves not the students. Even now discovered the remains are in a state of barely identifiable. We will try to work with the best laboratories in the world, to clarify the identity of the victims, promised the chief investigator.

Missing students in Mexico:The fire burned six hours

University Students In Mexico City March In Support Of Missing Students
University Students In Mexico City March In Support Of Missing Students

Murillo Karam reported in detail what should have happened on the night of September 26. The reconstruction is based primarily on the testimony of the alleged perpetrators: According to the 43 students were arrested by the police of Iguala and passed to the Pistoleros the local cartel “Guerreros Unidos”. This forced the students on a cattle truck and into a van and drove them into the roughly 20 kilometers away Cocula.

Even the local police were in the pay of the cartel and had previously been ordered to gain by Iguala. Principal of the crime to the now imprisoned Igualas mayor and his wife have been, both were probably in the pay of organized crime. They feared apparent that the students could interfere with an event the mayor’s wife, who wanted to announce this at their candidacy for the elections next year.

During the transport of Iguala to Cocula at least 15 students, according to the statements of the suspects died. They are “choked” says a hard Taken in the video.

Once at the remote dump of Cocula, the survivors had to get out with their hands up and were asked why they wanted to disrupt the event the mayor couple. Subsequently, the perpetrators forced their victims to the ground and killed them. Then they put the 43 corpses each other, piled tires and wood and doused it all with gasoline. The fire burned six hours.

On the afternoon of the next day which Minions returned, filled the remains into eight large black garbage bag and threw it into the nearby river San Juan. Some bags were lost, others took the flow with. Two of the bags were found. You allow the investigators to believe that the statements of the three suspects vote. On the dump of Cocula Mexican and Argentine forensic pathologist found also ash, teeth and shell casings.

Missing students in Mexico:”The only way the state can regain its credibility”

The indifference with which the young men talk in the video about their act, triggers shudder. And she reveals, as usual obviously is this kind of execution for the minions of drug cartels. So the fate of 43 students is representative for at least 26,000 other people who disappeared in recent years in Mexico and were never or found dead.

The families of the victims wait for six weeks in the University in Ayotzinapa on their sons. They refuse to believe the words of the prosecutor. “We want irrefutable evidence of her death,” said Margarito Ramirez, father of a student. “As long as our guys stay alive for us.” Ramírez criticized the government sharply. “The president wanted to before his trip to China just get rid of this problem, we do not trust this government.”

The crime expert Edgardo Buscaglia expresses understanding for anger and distrust of parents. “How can a state be credible as an investigator, when he himself is perpetrators?” Asks the professor and president of the “Instituto de Accion Ciudadana” in Mexico City. Buscaglia calls for the establishment of a truth commission with independent experts. “The only way the state can regain its credibility.”

The America-Director of “Human Rights Watch” urged President Enrique Peña Nieto of the Enlightenment. “This is the test of the credibility of Mexico,” José Miguel Vivanco said. Since 2006, since the government of former President Felipe Calderon, in Mexico there was not a single conviction for the disappearance of people. “This impunity makes crimes like that of Iguala only possible”.

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