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Over 80 school girls in Kunduz, North Afghanistan poisoned

Afghanistan, Kabul – Reports are coming from Northern Afghanistan that over 80 Afghan schoolgirls have been taken to hospital after what is presumed as a deliberate attempt by the Taliban to prevent girls from having an education.

Initial investigations say that the school girls had complained of a strange odor in their classrooms before falling ill that very same day.

The three schools which are in the Kunduz province of Northern Afghanistan have reported the same symptoms from all the victims, are approximately 2 miles away from each other and is a highly dangerous area as Taliban militants and allies constantly attack the area.

The Ministry of Health in Afghanistan has said that the blood samples taken from all the girls were inconclusive and further samples were being sent to Kabul where more tests will be done to find the cause of the illness.

It is reported that none of the conditions of the girls which have fallen ill are serious and they have all been sent home after a short period.

Initially, 47 girls had fallen ill with complaints of headache and nausea, but then a further 13, then 23 girls were taken to hospital whoo all described the same symptoms; a weird odor, then dizziness and nausea.

It is not known when or if the girls will return to the schools as families are being frightened by the acts of terrorism by terrorist groups such as the Taliban.

This is also not the first case of such illnesses, as last year, again at a girls school a similar attack had occurred in the Kapisa province where dozens of girls were hospitalized.

The Taliban and their allies have a belief that girls should not be educated and therefore believed to have orchestrated the cowardly act to frighten the girls and their families from going to school.


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