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Paris Hilton goes crazy, shows bumb

Paris Hilton goes crazy, shows bumbArriving at the Chopard 150th anniversary party in Cannes this week, Paris Hilton looked stunning in a flowing strapless blue Alberto Makali dress.

Paris Hilton caught herself in a bit of a boob at the Cannes Film Festival last night when her bulging assets kept popping out of her dress.

Numerous times she was caught looking down at her chest to check she was still concealed. Her lady bumps were clearly protruding many times throughout the night and at one point she had a right handful when she tried forcing them back into her strapless dress.

Miss Hilton even covered up her cleavage with her hands to stop snappers, who were waiting to catch a glimpse of her wardrobe malfunction, feasting on her bosoms.

However even with her famous breasts on show, the heiress didn’t fail to live up to her reputation and still managed to dance the night away with sister Nicky and brother Conrad.

Even so, by the end of the night it was clear she’d had enough of her hassle-filled dress.

Writing on her Twitter page, Hilton said: ‘Had so much fun last night at the Chopard Party. Lionel Richie performed and was amazing! Love him.’

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