Party time is over for Prince Harry, He did return to the frontline in Afghanistan / British Royal Family News

Two weeks ago in Las Vegas, ashamed to Royal Family with the naked photos Prince Harry did sent back to Afghanistan.

Prince Harry is back on the frontline in Afghanistan – four-and-a-half years after his first tour of duty was prematurely cut short when foreign media blew his cover.

Captain Wales, as the prince is known in the Army, will be filling an entirely different role this time. Now a fully-qualified Apache helicopter pilot, he will be flying in support of coalition forces on the ground.

In 2008, Harry was a Forward Air Controller, calling in air strikes in support of coalition forces. This time he will be on the other end of the radio conversation and carrying out the air strikes himself.

His deployment will prompt more questions about the wisdom of sending a royal prince back to war, where he will present the ultimate prize to the enemy should anything go wrong.

But the former head of the Army, General Sir Mike Jackson, says Harry signed up to fight – and fight he must.

“Let’s be clear, both of these young princes (Harry and William) chose to join the Armed Forces,” he said.

“They both know what is involved, it comes with the job and both of these young men, I have no doubt, understand that fully.”

Prince Harry made no secret of his disappointment when he was forced to end his first tour of duty in Helmand early, in 2008.

“Angry would probably be the wrong word to use, but I’m slightly disappointed,” he said at the time.

“I thought I could see it through to the end and come back with our guys and the colonel himself.”

Flying an Apache, Harry will be at the controls of the aircraft the Taliban fear most.

The manoeuvrability, firepower and armour mean the insurgents have nothing to counter the threat and, as a consequence, the prince is likely to be as safe as any soldier in a war zone ever can be – though just being in southern Afghanistan at all means Harry will be in harm’s way on a daily basis.

This is the other side of the ‘party prince’. Just a couple of weeks ago, he was frolicking naked in his Las Vegas hotel room, prompting accusations of immaturity.

Now, he is preparing to kill in southern Afghanistan and many will ask why fun-loving Harry is putting his life on the line again.

Former Royal Marine Ben McBean lost an arm and a leg in Helmand in 2008, while serving in the same brigade as Prince Harry – who called him a hero after the pair flew back from Afghanistan on the same plane.

He said: “As a soldier you want to go to war, you don’t just want to say, ‘I spent 22 years in the forces.’ ‘Oh, where did you go?’ ‘Nowhere.’

“You want to get your medals out and say, ‘I’ve been there and done that,’ and he’s exactly the same.”

The enduring image of Prince Harry on his first tour to Helmand was of the royal warrior blasting away on a large calibre machine gun.

This time, he will be in control of even more firepower – and coalition forces on the ground will depend on him to keep them alive when the Taliban has the upper hand.

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