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Russia Ukraine War: Russia pulls back from some zones

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it has withdrawn from the towns of Izyum and Balakleya in eastern Ukraine.

Russia Ukraine War: In a statement made by the Russian Ministry of Defense, in order to “regroup” the soldiers in Izyum in the Russian-Ukrainian War; It was stated that the soldiers in Balakliya withdrew to support the Donetsk front.

Ukrainian officials said the troops had entered Kupiansk, the Russian conflict supply center in the east of the country.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky: We are taking back our lands

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy also said that they took back an area of ​​two thousand square kilometers from Russia in the last week in the south and east of the country. He explained that this includes 30 settlements in the Kharkov region.

In the statement made by Russia, “A three-day operation was carried out to withdraw the Izyum-Balakliia troops and to send them to the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic in an organized manner. The enemy was subjected to heavy artillery fire to prevent damage to the Russian troops.

According to the Russian state news agency TASS, shortly after this statement, the chief administrator of the Russian-controlled region of Kharkov suggested that the people in the region be evacuated to Russia.

The governor of the Belgorod region on the Russian side also said that food, heating and medical assistance will be provided for people waiting to cross the border.

Russia-Ukraine War, Ukraine advanced 50km

British defense officials said that in the Russia-Ukraine War, Ukraine advanced 50km into Russian-controlled territory.

“Russian forces were largely taken by surprise,” said the British Ministry of Defense in a statement. “Ukrainian troops have either captured or besieged several towns,” it said.

It comes days after Ukraine’s marked advances south of Kharkov, the country’s second-largest city.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday that troops will regroup from Balakliya and Izyum regions to Ukraine’s tern Donetsk region. Izyum has been an important base for Russian forces in the Kharkiv region, and earlier this week, social media videos showed residents of Balakliya cheering as Ukrainian troops moved in.

Konashenkov said that the Russian move was made to achieve the stated objectives of the special military operation to liberate Donbas, one of the regions of eastern Ukraine where Russia has declared its sovereignty.

The alleged withdrawal to concentrate on Donetsk is similar to the justification Russia gave for withdrawing its forces from the Kyiv region when it failed to take Ukraine’s capital earlier this year.

Earlier on Saturday, Ukrainian officials claimed that they had made major gains in a counterattack against Russian forces in the Kharkov region, saying Ukrainian troops had cut vital supplies to Izyum.

Ukraine claims to have reclaimed 400 square kilometers from the Russian army

Ukraine claims to have reclaimed 400 square kilometers from the Russian army
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolenko ( twitter ) also claimed that Ukrainian troops recaptured Kupiansk, a town on the main supply route to Izyum, which has long focused on the Russian front line and heavy artillery and other battlefields. Nikolenko tweeted a photo of soldiers in front of a government building in Kupiansk, 73 kilometers (45 miles) north of Izyum.

Oleh Nikolenko: “Ukrainian troops advance in eastern Ukraine, liberating more cities and villages. Their courage combined with Western military support brings astonishing results. It is very important to continue sending weapons to Ukraine. Defeating Russia on the battlefield, winning peace in Ukraine means,” he said.

Ukrainian Army approved Oleh Nikolenko, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Hours later, the Ukrainian Army issued a message suggesting that it had shown its forces in Kupiansk and was also captured by Ukrainian troops. The Ukrainian military did not immediately confirm that it had entered the city, a rail hub that Russia seized in February.

Videos on social media showed Ukrainian forces at a roadside checkpoint on the outskirts of Izyum. A large statue bearing the name of the city could be seen in the images.

Officials in Kiev have been speaking out for weeks about a counterattack plan to retake territory occupied by Russia at the start of the war, urging residents to refrain from posting information on social media.

Ukrainian President Zelensky confirms the latest developments in Russia Ukraine war

Ukrainian President Zelensky said on Friday that Ukrainian troops have recaptured more than 30 settlements in the Kharkov region since the start of the counteroffensive.

“We are gradually taking control of more and more settlements, returning the Ukrainian flag and providing protection for our people,” Zelenskyy said.

He spoke after the Ukrainian governor of Kharkiv reported that the national flag had been hoisted in Balakliya, a town retaken by Ukrainian troops on Thursday after six months of Russian occupation.

“Balakliya is Ukraine! “Today, together with the army led by Land Forces Commander Oleksandr Syrskyy, we raised the Ukrainian flag,” Governor Oleh Syniehubov said on Telegram.

Elsewhere, Ukrainian emergency services reported that a 62-year-old woman died in a Russian missile strike in the Kharkiv region after her home was destroyed overnight.

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