Shooting Maine, USA: 22 dead, more than 50 injured

It was reported that at least 22 people died and dozens were injured in the armed attack in the US state of Maine.

While schools were closed due to the incident, the authorities stated that the suspect in the armed attack was called.

Maine police stated that 22 people died and nearly 60 people were injured when an attacker opened fire on people in 3 different regions in the city of Leviston.

Auburn Mayor Jason Levesque stated in his statement that schools were closed due to the incident and that the authorities were looking for the suspect in the armed attack in Lewiston.

Police sources speaking to the US media said that the attacker could be a man named 40-year-old Robert Card. It was also stated that Card, who was described as driving a white car, lived in Maine and was a licensed weapons instructor in the same region.

While sources stated that Card had recently been experiencing health problems, they said that the 40-year-old man “heard voices and made threats about attacking the National Security Base.”

Authorities stated that Card was “armed and dangerous” and that he was admitted to a mental hospital in the summer and was discharged after 2 weeks.

Additionally, the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office shared two photos of the suspect in a firing position with a rifle in his hand on social media and called on local residents for help in identifying and capturing him.

In the security camera footage, the suspect in a brown coat and black trousers was seen targeting people with a long-barreled gun in his hand.

It was noted that the suspect, who was thought to have been prepared for an attack due to the clothes he was wearing, was not wearing a mask and was not concerned about hiding his identity.

Many dead in gun attack in Maine

Scores of people were killed and dozens more injured in a gun attack in Lewiston, Maine. According to police, the suspect is still on the run.

Several people were killed in a gun attack in the US state of Maine. The media also reported numerous injuries. The police have not yet given any specific number of victims; the situation is still unclear.

The information about the killed and injured victims is also currently fluctuating in the media reports. The television station CNN and the “Wall Street Journal” reported 16 deaths, the NBC station reported at least 22 deaths. Lewiston City Councilman Robert McCarthy also spoke of 22 people killed and “many, many more injured.”

Suspect still on the run

The city of Lewiston is part of Androscoggin County and is located approximately 35 miles north of Portland, Maine’s largest city. According to local police, the perpetrator shot people in several places. According to the media, he is said to have opened fire in a grill restaurant and a leisure center with bowling alleys.

The suspect is still on the run. The police launched a large-scale manhunt and published photos of the suspected shooter with a semi-automatic weapon and of the car in which the man is said to be traveling. The perpetrator was “armed and dangerous.” Businesses should close their doors and residents should seek safety.

Media reported that the suspect was a 40-year-old military-trained firearms instructor.

Clinics at their limit

The hospital in Lewiston spoke of “numerous victims.” It is working with surrounding hospitals to accommodate all patients. Councilor McCarthy warned that the city’s clinic was not designed to deal with a situation like this. “They do what they can,” he said in an interview with CNN:

“It’s just so unreal. You see it on the news and you tell yourself it’s never going to happen here. And then it happens here and it just blows your mind.”

President Biden briefs

The White House said US President Joe Biden had been informed of the incident and would continue to be kept up to date. He spoke on the phone with Maine Governor Janet Mills, as well as with members of Congress from the state, and offered full federal support after the “horrible attack.”

Biden hosted a state banquet for Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the US government headquarters in the evening.

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