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Special Teams Stage Breathtaking Hostage Rescue Exercise

Turkish Special Forces team reenacted a hostage rescue operation exercise, in eastern Turkish city of Erzurum on Thursday.

A number of 35 police joined the exercise which hostage rescue operation was reenacted successfully.

Special Forces started the operation after the figurative hijack who took hostage the Boing 780 Plane’s passengers. Exercise held within the context of Inter-University winter Sport’s (UNIVERSIAD) security precaution.

Due to scenario a Boing 780 type which heading to Berlin to Istanbul, was hijacked. Erzurum Airport Air Control Tower gave alarm as “Aircraft being kidnapped”. Air pirates, asked the plane diverted to Erzurum. The captain pilot said plane was hijacked by pirates who carry hand grenade in his hand.

Meanwhile, tower gave permission to plan for landing on Erzurum Airport. Then security teams saving operation successfully performed.

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