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Syrian Civil War:Does Syrian President Bashar al-Assad dead or just rumor / Syria Conflict News

Bashar al-Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad killed by his own bodyguard and Assad is dead anymore  this  rumor spread on the Internet.

A rumor about the killed  of Syrian President Bashar al- Assad was massively shared on social media websites on Sunday evening.

“News about  Bashar al-Assad being shot dead by his Iranian bodyguard have not been confirmed yet,” the magazine said, revealing that the opposition’s Free Syrian Army has denied such reports.

Noting that “tweets and Facebook comments helped in largely and rapidly disseminating the rumor”, French magazine Le Point remarked: “Social media websites were the primary source of this rumor.”

The reported news shared that Assad was shot on Saturday and was transferred to a Damascus hospital, as roads were blocked and buildings surrounding the location were firmly seized by the Syrian government  army.

Meanwhile, other websites said: “Israeli and Lebanese intteligent sources have confirmed the death of Syria’s president.”

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