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The analysis of Preimer League and La Liga by Müslüm Gülhan!

müslüm gülhan


The Commentator of NationalTurk and the Head of Haliç University Physical Training and Sport Department Müslüm Gülhan analyses the first matches and transfers of Premier League and La Liga for NationalTurk.

1. Tottenham, Chelsea and Swansea began with a significant success in the league but Manchester United was a disappointment in the first weak. How can you evaluate these three teams and Manchester United?

It was obvious that after the Ferguson’s 27-year-systematic structure, Manchester United was open to any confusion. After the first unsuccessful experience, we are going to see the second experience. Van Gaal is one of the best people in this period but he should make a new structure according to his own requests on the current system and he needs time to do that. The squad is well-designed but experiencing the situation after Ferguson is difficult.

2. Jose Mourinho makes challenging statements about championship. He was criticized for having defensive system last year. This year he began with offensive system. He had 11 goals in 3 matches. They arranged Fabregas and Diego Costa in the team. How can you evaluate Chelsea- Everton match, Chelsea’s success and Chelsea’s system?

Mourinho had a great advantage by having his own system and squad in the first Chelsea experience, he showed his difference by using different player types in that period. He experienced the same situation in Inter and Real as well… He always played with an offensive system… Mourinho is not a coach who may sacrifice his own squad system; he keeps on working in his system… He gives importance to squad system.

3. Arsenal could not begin with a series of success and the team played against Beşiktaş. Firstly how can you evaluate Beşiktaş and Arsenal Matches and then, serious injuries of Olivier Grioud, Arteta, Teo Walcott and the system of Arsene Wenger?

Beşiktaş cannot find such an Arsenal again but the problem was the player profile of Beşiktaş. Because there are many standard players in the team and there is a few of them who can affect the score. Giroud is significant player and his absence affects the team. I guess Arsenal cannot be so successful in Premier League in this year. The squad should play more than 70 matches but it seems difficult.

4. the most effective transfer in Premier League occurred in the last days of transfer period. Di Maria was transferred from Real Madrid to Manchester United at the price of 75 Million Euros. So the record of Mesut Ozil last year changed this year. The team also would like to complete the transfer of Vidal from Juventus. How can you evaluate the transfer for both Real Madrid and Manchester United?

Firstly, it is still a question for me to transfer Di Maria at such a high price because selling Ronaldo and having Di Maria who is not playing in Real Madrid is not a successful step. Mendes is like a businessman as a manager and he is successful!!! At least Mesut was playing in all matches and he contributed a lot to his team.Bench in Real Madrid is not so well-qualified, Di Maria was important from Real Madrid, I guess they will need him in the matches.

5.Lampard signed a new two-year contract with New York City.What can we say about this transfer to Manchester City?

Manchester City began silently to its first 3 matches. They transferred Willy Caballero, Fernando, Frank Lampard, Bacary Sagna, Bruno Zuculini and Mangala from Porto. City cannot find his systematic construction in the team and it is the most important problem. They changed the coaches permanently and they cannot adopt a system. However the players are well-qualified, they enter into chaos during the league. I believe that an experienced player like Lampard will contribute to the team but he is not so creative player though.

6. Balotelli goes to England again and ended up his Italy trip. The idea of completing the absence of Luis Suarez for Liverpool ended up with Balotelli transfer. How can you evaluate Brendan Rodgers’s players who were appreciated a lot last year with his performance and Balotelli?

In fact, Balotelli and Suarez’s spirits are similar; they reflect different qualities in the matches. Balotelli shows more anarchist behaviors. If he is in harmony with the fans, he can be successful because Liverpool fans love different and oppressed players.

7. Besides Premier League, in Spain League La Liga, Atletico Madrid continues to its performance. How can you evaluate Diego Simeone’s team Atletico Madrid?

Simeone’s spirit reflects to the deep parts of the team but however he tries to make his team systematic, qualifications are seen in important matches. Champions League’s final is a proof of that fact. This can be a problem this year.

8. Lionel Messi scored two goals in his first match. Cristiano Ronaldo cannot show his performance yet. Besides, Cristiano Ronaldo made a statement for Lionel Messi as “I can be put into jail if I explain my thoughts about him” after World Cup Golden Ball Prize. How can you evaluate his statements?

Both Messi and Ronaldo are so important players, world football presents itself with these two star players. We should appreciate their performances. Unfortunately sponsors may destroy ethical values of football after spending great amount of money in this sector and they can apply different systems with the players who are in agreement with their brands. I guess Ronaldo would like to explain this difference.


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