The Deep Purple keyboardist and British rocker Jon Lord dies at 71

The Deep Purple keyboardist and British rocker Jon Lord dies at 71
The Deep Purple keyboardist and British rocker Jon Lord dies at 71

The legendary Deep Purple’s keyboard player and British rocker Jon Lord has died aged 71 after pancreatic cancer.

Co-writer of the most popular song ‘ Smoke on the Water ‘, and Deep Purple – an English rock band founder, Jon Lord turned the Hammond electric organ into a heavy metal force.

The musician Jon Lord, who had enjoyed success in the last decade as a classical composer, suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism at a private clinic in  London. His publicist said that he was surrounded by his family.

British keyboardist Jon Lord founded Deep Purple in 1968 and it went on to be one of the world’s most successful rock bands, releasing albums such as Deep Purple in Rock and Machine Head and having a hit single with ‘ Black Night ‘, selling more than hundred of millions of albums. Tributes have been paid by musicians including one-time Deep Purple bandmate Joe Satriani, Iron Maiden and Anthrax.

Jon Lord has died at 71 on pancreatic cancer / Deep Purple founder and keyboard player is dead

The musician Jon Lord had suffered from the disease for some time. Deep Purple star announced on his website in August last year that he was taking a break from music to be treated for cancer. But earlier this month, Jon Lord canceled a performance of his Durham Concerto in Germany for what his website said was a continuation of treatment. British rock star Jon Lord has once again confirmed to the fans that he was fighting lungs cancer.

The Deep Purple, which featured Jon Lord along with singer Ian Gillan, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, drummer Ian Paice and bassist Roger Glover — was one of the top hard rock bands of the ’70s. Influenced by classical music, blues and jazz, Jon Lord took his Hammond organ and distorted its sound to powerful effect on songs including Hush, Highway Star, Lazy and Child in Time.

Members of the English band Deep Purple
Members of the English band Deep Purple

The line-up underwent many changes, but Jon Lord remained a mainstay. Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord retired from the band in 2002, but nurtured a second career as a classical composer. Lord’s Durham Concerto became a hit in Classic FM’s Hall of Fame, alongside his piano concerto Boom of the Tingling Strings.

‘ Smoke on the Water ‘ writer Jon Lord dies at the age of 71 after battle with pancreatic cancer / final ovation for Purple Lord of classic rock

British rocker Jon Lord who was born in Leicester,  learned classical piano at an early age before being seduced by watching early rock ‘n’ roll star Jerry Lee Lewis and jazz organist Jimmy Smith.

Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord could have chosen a career as an actor after receiving a drama school scholarship, but he has started playing in pub bands including short-lived outfits with future Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood and his brother Art.

After the Deep Purple band broke up in 1976, at the height of its popularity, Jon Lord went on to form Paice-Ashton-Lord with Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice and Tony Ashton. That band lasted for just 1 album.

Every kid who gets a guitar quickly learns to bat out the guitar riffs of ‘ Smoke on the Water ‘. But listeners should be just as aware of the fat, satisfying chords of Jon Lord’s organ, a force which gave Blackmore’s iconic chords their ideal answer.

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