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Turkey Protests:Turkish PM Erdogan goes after foreign media / Breaking News


For foreign journalists working in Turkey is threatening. Reporters are abused, threatened, beaten, chased out of the country. The Erdogan government is fueling the mood with targeted campaigns.

So be conservative filmmakers put the insurgency against the Turkish government to: A mob coat unsuspecting policemen, a woman with a headscarf is the victim of vandalism – triumph foreign provocateurs. The Turkish TV Samanyolu has transformed the revolt in Turkey in a soap opera.

The script for the series, which aired in late June, however, reads like a policy statement by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The prime minister denounced the peaceful protests against his Islamic-conservative government for weeks as international plot. Foreign media were run on behalf of the “interest lobby” and other sinister forces a propaganda against Turkey. “CNN and Reuters, left alone with your lies,” Erdogan rushing at a rally in Istanbul.

Turkish Rapporteur suffer for years under repression. In no other country in the world more journalists are in prison than in Turkey. But now the Erdogan government aggression directed against reporters for the first time from abroad.

Near government media such as Samanyolu spread new conspiracy theories almost daily. Some say that international journalists are spies, they are represented as Terrorverbündete. Security forces threaten or beat reporter. Two cameramen from Arabic channel al-Jazeera were injured, made ​​an Italian photographer in the country. Amberin Zaman, the Turkey correspondent for the British magazine “The Economist”, complains that she had never experienced in her career a comparable violence against journalists.

Free fictitious interview with CNN journalist Amanpour

The Turkish government uses for its hate campaign against critics, especially social networks, even though Erdogan has called the message service Twitter recently as “the worst threat to society.” The mayor of Ankara, I.Melih Gökcek , a party colleague Erdogan berated the correspondent of the British BBC television, Selin Girit, in a tweet recently as “British agent” and sparked a Twitter campaign against them. “Led by England try using national and international agents to destroy our economy,” wrote Gökcek. At the same time, he called on his followers to spread the hashtag # INGILTEREADINAAJANLIKYAPMASELINGIRIT (Do not be a spy in the name of England Selin Girit).  “Let’s go, Turkey. Our hashtag is ranked second he must make it to position 1. This will be our response to the BBC. “The BBC condemned the action as an attempt to discredit and intimidate his television reporter. “It is unacceptable that our journalists are attacked in this way.”


Also, the CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour was exposed to a critical interview with a counselor Erdogan’s hostility. The government daily “Takvim” ( The Newspaper CEO Amanpour-CNNErdogan’s Son in Law ) published under the title “Dirty Confessions” a freely invented interview with Amanpour. This well-known CNN anchor woman allegedly, their coverage of the protests in Turkey was controlled by the alcohol and oil lobby. “Shame on you,” Amanpour commented on the fake on Twitter.

Erdogan wants to distract from the protests

German popular magazine Der Spiegel had this week for the first time printed due to the protests in Turkey in its history, a title track in German and Turkish. The largest Turkish newspaper “Zaman” quoted in its English version then a scientist who sprinkled the rumor that the MIRROR will, controlled by the “deep state,” a political criminal network in Germany. Other media claim the Spiegel wants Turkey into chaos, to support the Lufthansa competing against Turkish Airlines.

Erdogan tried quite obvious by the attacks on foreign journalists to deflect attention from its own crisis. The civil society has risen in Turkey against their authoritarian government, while the various groups are united in protest: Green, feminists, nationalists, believers, Kurds, leftists. However, Erdogan does not want to admit this, instead he incited his followers against the alleged alien rebels on.

The fear of an international conspiracy against Turkey has a long tradition. After all, the land should be divided after World War II among the victorious powers. Foreign journalists in Turkey now fear that it will not just rhetoric. The German Photographer Sedat Mehder, who also works for Spiegel says that it is now almost impossible for him to pursue his work in Turkey. The aggression against reporters get bigger with each passing day. Mehder who lives in Istanbul, is considering to return to Berlin. But then, he says, Erdogan had achieved exactly what he wants.

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