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Is it Syria war begun ? “Two Missiles launched to Syria” Russian Says / Breaking News

Handout photo of guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage operating in the Arabian Gulf

Russian radar has detected two ballistic “objects” fired towards the eastern Mediterranean from the central part of the sea, the country’s defence ministry has reportedly said.

Interfax news agency quoted a ministry spokesman as saying the launch was detected at 10.16 am Moscow time (7.16am UK time) by an early warning radar station at Armavir, near the Black Sea, which is designed to detect missiles from Europe and Iran.

Russia’s early warning radars have detected the launch of two ballistic rockets in the eastern Mediterranean, Russia’s Defense Ministry stated. The launch reportedly took place at 06:16 GMT Tuesday.

The agencies did not say who had carried out the launch and whether any impact had been detected.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu had informed President Vladimir Putin of the launch.

Russia’s President Putin has already been informed about the incident by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

The Syrian embassy in Moscow currently has no information on the incident.

There were no rocket attack signals or blasts in Damascus, the Russian embassy in Syria noted.

Armavir, an early warning system against missile attack, is situated in southern Russia. It is run by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces. They provide radar coverage of the Middle East. There are two radars there, with one of them facing southwest and the other southeast.

“The trajectory of these objects goes from the central part of the Mediterranean Sea toward the eastern part of the Mediterranean coast,” Interfax quoted the spokesman as saying.

A ministry official had earlier criticised the United States for deploying warships in the Mediterranean close to Syria.

An Israeli military spokesman said they were not aware of any missile launch in the eastern Mediterranean.

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