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Turkey Riot:Witch hunt began after Gezi Park protests / Breaking News


Turkish police go with water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators, Hundreds will already have been hurt Any excessive use of force of the forces must be punished.

Word of warning from the United Nations: The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has asked the Turkish government to stop the excessive police force against demonstrators. The government in Ankara is responsible for ensuring that security forces at any time respected internationally recognized human rights.

Anyone who violates the other hand, must be held accountable, Pillay said in Geneva on Tuesday. “Any excessive use of force must be punished, if confidence in the willingness of the authorities to restore the rule of law,” she said.

Navi Pillay urged the government to allow peaceful protests and to protect.

The High Commissioner was responding to reports of brutal police operations in Istanbul and other Turkish cities. In recent days, there will be hundreds of people were injured.

Turkey Unrest:Witch hunt began 600 people in detained


According to the prosecutor’s office in Istanbul, Turkey already almost 600 people were detained on Sunday during protests in Istanbul and Ankara arrested.

According to the law suspects can be held for up to four days in custody before being brought before a judge.

Abroad, the criticism of the crackdown Erdogan’s growing. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on Monday condemned the violence of the Turkish police in Istanbul. In their view, the security forces there, “proceeded much too hard,” she said before her departure for the G-8 summit in RTL television.

“What happened in Turkey at the moment does not correspond to our ideas of freedom of demonstration of expression.

“To the television images of the evacuation of Gezi Park in Istanbul, she said:” I am afraid, like many other people, too. ”

Turkey Unrest:Anti-terror units arrest dozens people


On Tuesday, the government increased the pressure on the protesters. Dozens of participants in the demonstrations were arrested in nationwide raids, Turkish media reported.

Those arrested – including supporters of a left wing party – is accused of being involved in the protests against the government and to be responsible for violence against police officers.

Government and authorities had stated in recent days over again, it was known who helped organize and support the demonstrations.

The message from Tuesday is now: Those who continue protests must expect prison.

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