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Turkish President Özal’s body to be exhumed for autopsy 19 years after his death

Turgut Özal Cause of Death suspicious
Turgut Özal Cause of Death suspicious

The death of 8th President of Turkish Republic Turgut Özal in 1993 has now been classified as ‘suspicious, his remains have to be exhumed, a new report from Turkey’s State Audit Board (DDK) sets Turkey facing its dark history again.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – Turgut Özal’s death has so far remained controversial. His private doctor declared that the 8th president of Turkish Republic died of a heart attack, his wife Semra Özal, children and close friends to Özal have suggested that he might have been assasinated by poison.

Current Turkish President Abdullah Gül ordered the DDK, the Turkish watchdog agency, to investigate Turgut Özal’s controversial death following long-running allegations that the former president might be assasinated and not died from a heart attack as officially reported in 1993.

Turgut Özal Cause of Death suspicious

The report states the late president’s death was sudden as he was not suffering from any chronic disease. ‘ The sudden death of any president on duty is a suspicious one,’ the report says, pointing out that the fact that no autopsy was performed after Turgut Özal death is an ‘ eclipse of reason.’

The DDK stated that Turgut Özal’s body needed to be exhumed for a new series autopsies after the DDK will send its report to a prosecutor. Özal’s body was put into the Monumental Tomb in Istanbul years after his death.

Turgut Özal died in office on April 17, 1993.


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