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Turkish state TV TRT scandal in the Sochi Winter Olympics ban / Breaking News


Turkish state television TRT will be held in the Russian city of Sochi 22 Winter Olympics figure skating  races in the women “dress sensitivity” of the alleged grounds were not Broadcasting because of women competators dresses to much sexy.

Turkish state TV TRT management “Figure Skating” category of the competition, decided not to broadcast. Doubles and Ice Dance for categories either.

Music, dance, aesthetics, elegance, ability but in the eyes of some, this is super. Legs that looks matter for TRT administration.

If a group administrator, this decision will do great harm to the image of TRT, says it will create an unnecessary controversy.

11 years of the AKP government in Turkey has brought this situation.

Turkey is still thinking why they did not receive the Olympics, The reason is not clear enough ? A country facing a sexist observed an Olympic sport at the , who gives Olympic Games ?

Religious and sexually facing each event became the head of the management of each institution. Turkey is once again behaving in the Middle East.

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