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Turkish-Syrian border area: IS-fighters should Hundreds of villages have taken

Islamic State conflict in Syria

The fighters of the “Islamic State” are at the gates of the Kurdish border town Kobane in northern Syria. Now it became known that they should have by now taken more than 300 villages in the region.

The extent of invasion of the “Islamic State” (IS) in the border region between Turkey and Syria is obviously larger than previously thought. Since the rise in the border town Kobane the militia has brought, according to the opposition Syrian Observatory near for Human Rights 325 villages in the surrounding areas under their control. Finally, the speech had been only several dozens of conquered towns.

The War of the IS was the NATO country Turkey recently moved closer by the day. Clashes between Turkey and Syria, the IS-militia had achieved some military successes. The Islamists had in the past few days for them ever closer to the strategically important city Kobane (Arabic name: Ain al-Arab) advanced.

After attacks from a distance with missiles, it was said that the Islamists befänden located only two kilometers from Kobane. Meanwhile, the IS is in the east, south and west of the city. In addition, the terrorist militia “Islamic State” was (IS) a Turkish enclave in Syria surrounded – by a Turkish media report there are 1100 IS-36 fighter Turkish soldiers are facing.

According to the Turkish government because of the fighting so far more than 160,000 people fled to Turkey – tens of thousands more, the United Nations now go into a new estimate, if the IS continues to gain ground.

For the first time (IS) attacked the fighters of the “Islamic State” with air strikes on Tuesday two British fighter jets. The Royal Air Force destroyed an artillery gun and a vehicle equipped with arms of the extremists. Both aircraft returned to statement by Defence Minister Michael Fallon, without prejudice to their base back.

The British Parliament had on Friday overwhelmingly cleared the way for the participation of the Royal Air Force at the combat mission of the international alliance against IS. Great Britain thus joined the US-led coalition to fight the Islamists. As the first European country France had subsequently involved in the air attacks. Even Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands announced military support.

Meanwhile, apparently also a participation of Turkish army units on the insert against the IS is more likely. Parliament will agree on Thursday on resolutions to combat against the IS, said Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Arinc Deputy. The decision it allow foreign armed forces to operate from Turkey from Iraq or Syria. Also, the Turkish military should be allowed to intervene directly in the neighboring countries. The mandate of the Parliament would cover “all possible threats and risks”, “Arinc said.

The United States hold firmly to support moderate Syrian opposition fighters during the clashes against the militia. They were the “best alternative to the Assad regime and the best counterweight to IS,” said the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, overlooking the complex conflict situation in Syria. The government of Assad was still a “magnet for terrorism”.

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