U.S air raids killed over 2000 people in Pakistan

At least 2,043 people, chiefly civilians, have died since 2004 in Pakistan as a result of bombings by unmanned U.S. aircraft, according to a report released in this capital on Tuesday.

The Conflict Monitoring Center (CMC) revealed that 2010 was the deadliest year since the so-called drones under the CIA command started attacking tribal zones in north-west Pakistan six years ago.

Geo TV television quoted the report as saying that the U.S. drones carried out 134 incursions in Pakistan in 2010, resulting in a total of 929 deaths.

The 96 air attacks registered by the CMC between 2004 and 2009 left another 1,114 people dead.

The North Waziristan tribal zone was the target of 115 bombings last year, while neighboring South Waziristan was attacked nine times.

The United States justifies the bombings in that region bordering Afghanistan saying it is a hiding place for the Afghan resistance and Al Qaeda militants.

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