Wacken 2023 sinks into mud! Entries stopped

Festival site sinks in mud: Wacken stops admission for visitors / Wacken 2023

First Wacken had stopped the journey for vehicles, now the organizer is also closing for fans: Because of the heavy rain, no other guests can enter the site, the festival announced.

The “reasonable visitor capacity” has been reached.

The organizer of the heavy metal festival in Wacken has stopped admission for visitors. Because of the heavy rain, no more fans can go to the site, the festival announced on Instagram early in the morning – just before the start. The “reasonable visitor capacity” has been reached given the weather conditions. “Any further travel must be stopped and canceled with immediate effect,” it said.

This decision was made for the first time in the history of the festival. “We are very sad, but unfortunately the difficult weather conditions leave us no other choice,” wrote the organizer.

Soon information about handling tickets

Fans reacted indignantly and criticized “underground communication”. Some had waited in front of the site for hours. Yesterday, the festival announced that it would no longer let fans with cars onto the softened areas. The situation surrounding the festival was “basically relaxed,” said a police spokeswoman for the dpa news agency.

How many of the 85,000 expected visitors are already there is not entirely clear. Festival co-founder Thomas Jensen said on Tuesday evening that he hoped “that we have half of it or more”. According to the organizers, they want to provide information as soon as possible about how the tickets, which cost almost 300 euros, will be handled.

Jensen had defended the actions of the organizers against criticism. The top priority is safety, so you don’t make decisions lightly – it takes time, said Jensen. The festival is scheduled to start in the morning. “We can do it, there will be a program, but unfortunately not everyone can participate.” Jensen also pointed out a live stream. “As much as possible” will be streamed on Magenta TV and MagentaMusik, he said.

Wacken 2023: The mud chaos from the air

The 2023 Wacken Festival is battling rain and mud. But what is the actual situation? Drone footage shows the extent.

After the entry stop for visitors to the Wacken Festival 2023 was announced on Wednesday, criticism from participants who had traveled increased. But what does the mud fight at the world’s largest heavy metal festival look like from above? t-online shows photos of the mud chaos from the air.

Some visitors reacted angrily that the organizers were not better prepared for the weather conditions. “That’s pretty shitty. You could have prepared yourself better, simply because it had been known for weeks that it was going to rain,” criticized Alicia from Landshut.

And indeed: On Tuesday, the festival organizers announced a drastic travel stop until the end of the festival due to the muddy terrain – on Wednesday the admission stop followed. Those responsible said: “We are very sad to have to make this difficult decision – for the first time in the history of the W:O:A”.

Wacken: No arrival by vehicle possible

Due to the heavy rain of the past 24 hours and the poor condition of the camping and event areas as well as the access roads, no more vehicles could be allowed onto the site. “That’s why all metalheads in motor vehicles of all kinds are required to break off their journey to Wacken or not to start at all,” it continues.

Some visitors expressed their understanding for the organizers’ decision in view of the bad weather and the condition of the site. However, other visitors criticized the lack of communication and preparation on the part of the organizers.

It is not yet known how many of the expected 85,000 visitors are already there. However, the organizers want to provide further information on the process as soon as possible. The festival is scheduled to officially start on Wednesday.

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