Wildfire in Tenerife: 130 hectares have already burned

Wildfire has broken out in Tenerife. The fires blaze in the northwest of the Canary Island. Several districts were evacuated. Around 130 hectares have already been burned.

First photos can be found at the end of the article. It was 24 minutes to midnight when the night’s rest for the fire brigade in Tenerife ended.

A wildfire in the north of the Canary Island tore the emergency services out of their sleep. And before dawn it was clear that the emergency services would not be able to fight the flames without further help.

The government of the Canary Islands quickly ordered the wildfire in northern Tenerife to be classified as stage two. With this upgrade, the regional government is now responsible for coordination. And it can mobilize other emergency services.

The fire broke out between Candelaria and Arafo in the northwest of the Canary Island. There, the flames have already destroyed around 130 hectares of forest and area in the few hours until early morning, as reported by the operations center. But the danger is far greater.

Wildfire in Tenerife: residents brought to safety

Because the operations center announced that the fire had also endangered houses and entire districts. As a precaution, the residents of Arrate, Chivisaya, Media Montaña and Ajafoña were brought to safety.

So far, the Canary Island government said, this was a purely preventive measure. As well as the closure of the area above the TF-24 highway between Las Lagoontas and El Portillo.

Wildfire on Tenerife: extinguishing helicopters and planes are activated

So far, the forest brigade Brifor and local fire brigades are in action. In addition, the voluntary fire brigades of Güímar and La Laguna would come, said the operations management. In the morning, various regional and national air resources will also be involved. These may only go up in daylight.

A press conference by Tenerife President Rosa Dávila is expected shortly. She will share updates with Canary Islands President Fernando Clavijo.

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