Explosion in Amsterdam: Train services were stopped

No trains to and from Amsterdam South for some time due to explosion

Due to an explosive robbery at a ticket and service shop at Amsterdam Zuid station, there were problems with train traffic for several hours this morning.

No trains could stop at the station for some time, and the station was also not accessible to travelers.

Train traffic is now running normally again. Only the part where the explosion occurred has still been cordoned off.

The police received a report of the burglary just after 4 a.m. No one was injured, but there was a lot of damage.

No train traffic to and from Amsterdam South due to explosion, a lot of damage such as cracked windows

Due to an explosion at Amsterdam-Zuid station, no trains stop at the station by order of the police.

The NS expects that ‘limited train traffic’ will be possible again just after 7 a.m., but advises travelers in the area to take the metro. The disruption is expected to last until approximately 8:30 am.

The burglary took place around 4:10 am at a NS Tickets & Service counter in the station hall, a police spokesperson said. The damage is extensive, the windows are cracked. The spokesperson could not say whether anything was stolen. It is also not known whether people were present in the station building at the time of the bombing. At least no one was injured.

Amsterdam Zuid Station
Amsterdam Zuid Station

The hall has been cordoned off and police are currently investigating. This has consequences especially for the Bijlmer-Schiphol route. Trains do run between Amsterdam-Bijlmer and Schiphol, but they are not allowed to stop in Amsterdam-Zuid, says an NS spokesperson.


The police are conducting a tactical investigation aimed at the suspect or suspects, and are also conducting a trace investigation at the scene of the burglary. The Defense Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service (EOD) also conducted an investigation. This showed that no explosives were left behind and that there was therefore no longer any danger. It is not clear how long the investigation will last. In any case, no trains may stop at the station during the investigation.

There was also a points failure at Schiphol on Tuesday morning. This was resolved around 6 a.m., but it may take some time before all trains are running according to the timetable again. Travelers are therefore advised to consult the travel planner before departure.

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