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Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy beautifies Beyonce even more
07 Şubat, 2012 | 12:25
Beyonce shines in red dress : First public appearance post Baby Blue Ivy

Beyonce shines in red dress : First public appearance post Baby Blue Ivy

Beyonce finally showed her post – Baby Blue Ivy Carter figure 4 weeks after Baby Blue Ivy of Beyonce and Jay-Z came to the world in New York City.

New York / NationalTurk – Beyonce, Bey-Bey to her dearest fans, made her first public appearance Monday night at Carnegie Hall where she have participated at a celebration of her husband Jay-Z’s double shows. The two shows Jay-Z performed was to benefit United Way of New York City and the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, one of the many humanatarian projects Beyonce hubby Jay-Z takes care of. Beyoncé looks amazing after giving birth to her first baby, Blue Ivy Carter .

Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy blessed Beyonce for more charm & beauty

The curvaceous ebony beauty shined as a 1 month mother and was all smiles and looked absolutely ravishing in a ember, long-sleeve dress, designded Alice Temperley, accessorized by the now Blue Ivy Carter mother Beyonce herself with Ofira & Lorraine Schwartz jewels, an Alexander McQueen clutch and a pair of paasionate embroidered Christian Louboutin platform pumps.

Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter ‘s father Jay-Z is obviously proud of being the father of Blue Ivy. During the concert Jay-Z shouted out One hand in the air for Blue Ivy during the performance at Carnegie Hall in New York before singing Glory, the song he released just after his baby Blue Ivy was brought to life by her lover Beyonce.

Beyonce shines in red dress : First public appearance post Baby Blue Ivy

Other than having given not more than a couple exclusive interviews, Beyonce has not made any appearances alone or with her baby Blue Ivy Carter, who she fiercley keeps secret and hides from media and relentless paparazzis. Beyonce made, however, a personal statement on her blog after renowned singer Etta James passed away to eternity.

But now that Beyonce has came out, and showed being the mother of Bab Blue Ivy Carter has really suited her gorgeously maybe Beyoncé is ready to gush about her baby just like her hubby Jay-Z.

Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter and Beyonce praised by Lady Gaga

Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy and the beautiful mother Beyonce and her maternal skills seem to have impressed US singer Lady Gaga, who actually would throw a baby for mistaking it for a bomb. Beyonce Knowles’ skills as a mother have been praised by Lady Gaga. The “Fame Monster” is convinced that Beyonce will do a great job as a mother to baby Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyonce Jay-Z and Lady Gaga and have been close friends since their song “Telephone.” A recent report notes that Gaga is really ecstatic about Beyonce being a mom of Baby Blue Ivy.

“Of course she is going to be a excellent mom. That’s a tremendous understatement. She’s the nicest female I’ve met in the industry. She’s wonderful, Blue Ivy is beautiful!”

Gaga isn’t really a mother material yet, unless you count all her little “Fame Monsters” she has running around.

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  1. Shenia Leverette - 19 Mart 2012

    She is so very pretty and i cnt wait to hit 4 months

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