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Corruption scandal in Turkey:PM Erdogan fires hundreds of police officers and chiefs / Breaking News
07 Ocak, 2014 | 12:28


Literally overnight, the Turkish government has sacked 350 policemen. The action is in connection with the corruption scandal in the country. Prime Minister Erdogan accuses the officials to have the government did not receive advance notice of investigation.

Amidst the corruption scandal in Turkey, the government has apparently removed in the night of Tuesday, 350 policemen on duty. To a large extent it should be high level officials from 80 of the affected police officers were engaged in Ankara in managerial positions in the departments of financial crime, combating smuggling and for the fight against organized crime, reported the news agency Dogan. 250 of the relevant items had already been filled.

The Islamic-conservative government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been rocked by a huge corruption scandal since mid-December. In the course of the investigation, the judiciary had dozens of suspects arrested, including senior politicians and business leaders from the environment Erdogan. Even against the sons of three ministers investigation was opened, whereupon Erdogan in a cabinet reshuffle the ministers exchanged.

Corruption Scandal in Turkey:Scandal involving illegal gold transactions

When the scandal it is among other things to the bribery of politicians. This should be illegal gold transactions of state Halkbank undercover with Iran and permits for construction projects sought. Background of the investigations is clearly a power struggle between the ruling Party of Justice and Development (AKP) and the movement of Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen. This has especially in the judiciary and police influence.

As a result of the investigation Erdogan dismissed previously hundreds of high-ranking police officers. He accuses them of having the government is not informed in advance of the investigation and arrests. He referred to the scandal since the beginning as foreign conspiracy to undermine his government. At the weekend, he accused the judiciary of attempting a coup. Erdogan’s party colleague, President Abdullah Gul, however, assured a comprehensive clarification of the allegations.

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