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Crocodile jumps into Swedish tourist in Australia / Australia News Video
19 Aralık, 2012 | 15:13

A tourist swimming in a river in Australia has had a shock after a crocodile leapt onto him, slapping him in the face in the process.

The reptile had been sunning itself on a rock in a national park in the Northern Territory but then seemed to want to cool off.

A man was caught on camera swimming in a national park in Australia when a crocodile lunged at him into the water from a rock.

The swimmer and his friends appeared unharmed by the surprise encounter.

The animal launched itself directly at Swedish tourist Felix Andersson, hitting him in the face before landing in the water.

Mr Andersson and his friend Ulrik Bergsland quickly swam away laughing and were not hurt in the incident.

In fact the pair were so unfazed they carried on swimming in the lagoon.

Watch Crocodile Attack Tourist in Australia

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