Details about Launch of Fidel Castro’s Book Disclosed

Details about Launch of Fidel Castro’s Book Disclosed.

Argentine academic Atilio Borón and Cuban-American lawyer Jose Pertierra will be panelists at next Wednesday”s launch of the book “Nuestro Deber Es Luchar” (Our Duty Is to Fight), by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

The book will be presented simultaneously in Havana, Caracas, Quito, Buenos Aires, Luanda, Santo Domingo, La Paz, Mexico City, Bridgetown, San Juan, Kingston, Washington, Madrid and Berlin, at 14:00 hours, Cuba time (19:00 GMT).

Pertierra, who will participate in the book launch in Washington, told the website Cubadebate that the material, which resulted from the dialogue between Fidel Castro and intellectuals from the Americas, Africa and Europe in February, shows the concern of the participants about the world crisis.

According to Prensa Latina, the panel discussion will take place at Cuba’s Interest Office in the United States and will also include lawyer David Brooks, a journalist from the Mexican newspaper La Jornada; James Early, from the U.S. Smithsonian Museum; and two professors, including an expert in cultural issues.

Pertierra said that this conversation among world intellectuals shows their great concern, as well as Fidel’s, about the problems in the Middle East and Latin America.

We have identified the problem, but we need to find a solution, and that solution can be found through conversation and dialogue, through dialectics, he said.

For his part, Atilio Boron noted that the book launch in Buenos Aires will take place at the Cultural Center of Cooperation and will also be attended by three other people who were present at Havana’s Conference Center: Stella Calloni, Vicente Battista and Juano Villafañe.

The February meeting was a marathon on the most important current issues, analyzed in long hours of conversation by those who had the incredible fortune of having the participation of Fidel, with his comments, observations and always inquisitive questions, he noted.

The two panels will be broadcast live on the Internet, on the Cuba channel in Washington and the Cuba channel in Buenos Aires, on

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