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Frank Ribery, Karim Benzema sex scandal Zahia Dehar photo gallery
21 Temmuz, 2010 | 13:44

Sex Scandal photos and Video – Zahia Dehar a former child prostitute has been embroiled at the centre of a sex scandal which emerged in April after French police raided a late night café famous for prostitutes in Paris.

Zahia Dehar Photos and Zahia Dehar Videos below.

Now 18-years-old and perfectly eligible to have paid sex in France, Dahar had admitted that she had sex with at least three footballers in which two of them were, while she was underage.

In case you do not know of who the footballers are, the pair in the scandal are football super stars Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema.

Both Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema had denied the allegations saying they did not know that Zahia Dehar was underage.

The former prostitute however also said that she had not told the footballers of her age, which is a vital factor in these sorts of investigations in France.

Meanwhile, as the two highly regarded French players lives are turning into hell Zahia Dehar’s television and modeling carrier has lifted off. See Zahia Dehar photos below.

The photo’s of the beautiful woman has been printed on major French magazines while a small television role as a guest actor is in sight for the young woman.

She is also rumored to have received possible photo deals which could turn the former prostitute into a millionaire within no time.

Talk about a life like a movie ey.

Photo Gallery Of Zahia Dehar

zahia dehar

[img src=]31060
[img src=]11000
[img src=]10690
[img src=]9150
[img src=]7430
[img src=]6150
[img src=]3790
[img src=]5100
[img src=]4110
[img src=]3650
[img src=]3250
[img src=]4300
[img src=]3500
[img src=]2970
[img src=]2750
[img src=]2360
[img src=]2430
[img src=]2520
[img src=]2490
[img src=]5490
[img src=]3480
[img src=]2990
[img src=]3450

Video footage Of Zahia Dehar

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4 Yorum

  1. […] Zahia Dehar photo gallery and video Buddies Benzema and Ribery could face three years in jail for soliciting under age sex. […]

  2. Siobhan from Ireland - 05 Temmuz 2011

    Typical, I hit this video by chance and honestly it is sick. Does this represent France, God help us, this is the same Country that keeps breathing down our neck in Ireland over our taxes.Gives an insight to Sarkozy’s brain.

  3. ricky rey - 19 Mart 2012

    What is the name of this show.. I like it : )

  4. aries - 07 Ağustos 2014

    Not like

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