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Google doodle for 450th Anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral
12 Temmuz, 2011 | 10:12

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow’s landmark, adorns today the worlds largest search engine Google’s homepage. Google St. Basil’s Cathedral / St. Basil’s Cathedral…

Google marks the 450th anniversary of Moscow’s landmark Saint Basil’s Cathedral with a doodle on its home page.

A cathedral with many names

Known also as the Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat, Saint Basil the Blessed, Pokrovsky Cathedral, Russian Svyatoy Vasily Blazhenny and Pokrovsky Sobo, Saint Basil was built by  Ivan the Terrible to celebrate Kazan and Astrakhan being captured by Russia’s victories.

The construction of the Russian Orthodox church began in 1554 and was completed in 1561. Originally named the Holy Trinity Cathedral, over the centuries it became known as the place where St. Basil is buried. The church is located at Red Square, the centre of the city of Moscow. It was completed in 1561 after six years of work.

Google Russia will celebrate the 450th anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral by opening an exhibition dedicated to the so-called “holy fool” who gave his name to the soaring structure of bright-hued onion domes that is a quintessential image of Russia.

Twitter messages about St. Basil’s Cathedral;

Takes a closer look at St. Basil’s cathedral on Google Search home, and it looks interesting & picturesque! That enters the Bucket list!

450th anniversary of the St. Basil’s Cathedral is today as informed by this Google Doodle

“It’s the 450th anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Let’s drink to that! You’re Catholic and I like like cathedrals! Let’s drink.”

Oooh it’s St. Basil’s Cathedral 450th anniversary today! via google

If I’ve lived in Russia 450 years ago, the person behind this major cuteness of St. Basil’s Cathedral must be my today’s baby unicorn!

Woah I didn’t know St. Basil’s Cathedral is so beautiful. Thanks to today’s google page.

like the Google page today because St. Basil’s Cathedral is somewhere on top of my hope-to-visit-soon list.


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  1. Destination360 - 13 Temmuz 2011

    Image was taken from our website destination360

    Would have been nice to get proper credit

  2. John Newcomb - 13 Temmuz 2011

    RIANovosti has a great panoramic virtual tour of St Basil’s interior. Don’t need to know Russian to do the tour – just click on the icon (развернуть карту) in bottom left corner of the image of St Basils to open the map and then click on any of the numbered links to tour those areas of the Cathedral.

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