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Hürser Tekinoktay to run for Besiktas JK Presidency in 2014
23 Mart, 2012 | 15:47
Hürser Tekinoktay

Hürser Tekinoktay speaks at a Besiktas congress

Besiktas JK can have a president, who comes from within sports in two years.  The oldest sports club in Turkey will elect a new president this sunday, but in two years at the general assembly Besiktas will have another option for presidency.

Istanbul / NationalTurk- Contractors, businessmen had been running for presidency of Turkish sports clubs up to the present, and Besiktas JK will elect this sunday its new president from a trio of candidates who are all tradesmen, after former chairman Yıldırım Demiroren left the post only to be the current president of Turkish football.

However this can change in two years at the next general assembly of the 109 year old sports club from Istanbul in 2014, as Hürser Tekinoktay, a former coach at the Besiktas youth academy has announced his candidacy for presidency at the general assembly of Besiktas Sports Club due to take place in 2014. A presidential candidate, who declares his candidacy 2 years ahead a election, was something Turkey hasn’t seen up to the present.

NationalTurk has asked Hürser Tekinoktay about his presidential run, announced via press release on 19th March.

” I want to prevent the trade of votes by members of congress during the general assembly by declaring my candidacy two years ahead of next presedintial elections ” Tekinoktay says, referring to rapidly changing sides in the voting system right afore the elections. ” ” Presidential elections are all about politics and plots, candidates announcing then withdrawing their candidacies on the last day, i want to stand up to this travesty” he expressed.

Hürser Tekinoktay’s run for the next Besiktas presidency has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by many soccer pundits and Besiktas and soccer fans in Turkey and has drawn much attention.

Hundreds of messages of encouragement, praise and support have been generated at Facebook and Twitter for Hürser Tekinoktay- not only – by Besiktas fans and former club executives also fans and officials from Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and other Turkish football clubs, sent messages of support. And nearly all of them emphasize the excitement about a president who actually comes from within sports.

Hürser Tekinoktay at Besiktas Youth Academy

Hürser Tekinoktay at Besiktas Youth Academy

Hürser Tekinoktay was one of the congress members who opposed the former Besiktas board during the financial congress of the club back in 2008. He refused to acquit the Besiktas board then, after it was revealed that Besiktas AS, the financial branch of the club, suffered great losses to contractor companies at Fulya Project. Hürser Tekinoktay sued then Besiktas board for this failure and because Fulya had been the training ground for Besiktas youth teams and destroying this area for future construction projects.

Besiktas : Uefa financial criteria regulations not complied

Besiktas’s debt have risen from 7$ to 500$ last 8 years, moreover Besiktas’s financial status doesn’t comply with Uefa’s criteria and regulations regarding club’s finances. Hürser Tekinoktay achieved a significant breakthrough in suing a Besiktas board which is not capable of generating income and in opposing the acquittance system in Turkey.

Besiktas star transfers like Guti, Querasma Fernandes via Jorge Mendes turned into big flops

Besiktas board signed star players in recent years. The transfers of Guti, Simao, Almeida, Querasma and Fernandes via prominent agent Jorge Mendes put Besiktas JK under serious financial burden and yet no success in sports could be achieved.

Hürser Tekinoktay coached important Turkish footballers like former Besiktas, Real Sociedad and Villareal player Nihat Kahveci at Besiktas Youth Academy, former Galatasaray, Rubin Kazan and Montpellier player Hasan Kabze while he was training Canakkale Dardanelspor. During his tenure at Besiktas Youth academy 1995-2000 he had had 234 wins out of 269 official and friendly matches.

After he finished his career as a trainer, Hürser Tekinoktay has found success in business life, he is manger at WTS, a travel agency, which was FIFA official tour operator for World Cup 2010 Africa. He is also a succesful radio host and broadcaster.

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