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TFF Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydinlar close to resigning

TFF Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydinlar close to resigning
TFF Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydinlar close to resigning

Mehmet Ali Aydinlar, the president of Turkish Football Federation stressed his intent on resigning, after the TFF board failed at the grand TFF convention to change regulations for penalties on match-fixing.

Ankara / NationalTurk – TFF Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydinlar could not begin his spell as the head of Turkish Football at a worse time than this. The former TFF board member and businessman (owner of Acıbadem hospitals group) had to face with the biggest match-fixing scandal in Turkey in his 90th hour of TFF presidency.

Since July 3rd, when Fenerbahce Chairman Aziz Yıldırım detained, and was later to be imprisoned as the mastermind behind match-fixing allegations, Mehmet Ali Aydınlar found himself and his team in a more than diffucult situation.

At the extraordinary TFF meeting held yesterday in Ankara, he admitted the diffuculties TFF endured during that stretch but he didn’t get the help from the club chairmen he hoped for. The 58th article of TTF’s disciplinary regulations on penalties, including relagation for the teams even sligtly involved in match fixing activities have remained unchanged, although TFF board proposed a change for one-time measure and suggested point deduction instead of penalizing teams with relagation.

The proposal and the match-fixing case process have weared the Tff and its president out, as Mehmet Ali Aydinlar self proclaimed yesterday.

Top three clubs of the Turkish football, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas have been against a change of the article, Fenerbahce right from the start of it all, Galatasaray claimed teams involved in the match-fixing should be relegated according to the regulations, while Besiktas president Yıldırım Demiroren insisted a change in the regulations had to done.

However Besiktas chairman spoke toewrds the end of yesterdays meeting and -rather unexpectedly- he supported Fenerbahce by referring the club as ‘our Fenerbahce’. And BJK Chairman Yıldırım Demirören proposed the TFF board needs to be given a vote of confidence with a new election.

Mehmet Ali Aydınlar’s speech had reflected his dissapoinment and after the TFF proposal had been unaccepted by Tff members rumours of his resignment were talked throughout the lobbies and he implied his intent to resign. He accused club chairmen for not being honest and hypocrisy.

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