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Laptops Take Top Spot on CEA’s Holiday List
21 Kasım, 2009 | 04:14

Laptops Take Top Spot on CEA's Holiday List The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) says laptops and notebooks remain tops on Santa’s list, but wireless products will be coming down the chimney as well.

According to the association’s 16th annual holiday study, consumer electronics spending will be up 8 percent this year, with more than four out of five adults planning to buy a consumer electronics product this holiday season.

While laptops/notebooks may have ranked No. 1 in the study, eReaders, such as the Kindle and the Nook, came it at No. 6, followed closely by the iPhone, which garnered its own category.

Smartphones were separate, ranking No. 10 on CEA’s list of the top 10 electronic gifts this season.

Companies supplying eReaders reportedly already have had troubles keeping up with demand.

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