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Liverpool: Martinez Not Yet Offered Manager Role
28 Mayıs, 2012 | 11:57

With discussions between Roberto Martinez and Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group set to continue both Brendan Rodgers and Jurgen Klopp could still be in the vacant managerial frame.

Despite widespread belief on Friday and Saturday that Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez was set to take over at Anfield, it appears the reports may have been premature. Wigan chairman Dave Whelan even claimed Martinez was made a formal offer by FSG to replace Kenny Dalglish following an interview with principle owner John W Henry in Miami on Thursday.

“They’ve made Roberto an offer and he has agreed to consider it. I need a decision by Wednesday or Thursday of next week,” claimed Whelan on Friday.

Breandan Rodgers still on the list

Even if the prestigious role had been offered to Martinez it is also felt that the former Swansea City manager has some concerns over the new managerial structure FSG are planning to put in place. The owners are also recruiting for a Sporting Director who will work with the manager in a two-tier management structure and potentially dilute the new boss’ responsibilities with regards to key aspects such as transfers. Something Martinez is felt not to be keen on after having total control at his previous clubs.

The Telegraph concurs with this and is today reporting that Brendan Rodgers is expected to meet FSG in the next few days.The current Swansea chief initially ruled himself out of any interview process 10 days ago but it is now believed Rodgers is reconsidering that stance after it became apparent he’s amongst only a handful of individuals still being considered.

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