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Müslüm Gülhan : If Messi keeps on playing in this system, he will score more


NationalTurk commenter and Halic University Physical Training and Sport Department Head Müslüm Gülhan analyzed for Champions League matches NationalTurk

1. Considering PSG- Barcelona match, Barcelona was defeated against French rival (3-2). Without superstars like Ibrahimovic and Tiago Silva, PSG could win against Barcelona with Neymar, Messi and Iniesta. How can you analyze this match?

Every team began to play with a defeating system against Barcelona. Paris did the same. They used the advantage of their important players and won the match. Barcelona could not be successful to break the rules of Paris and gave opportunities to its rival. The faults of goalkeeper strengthened the defeat. It is not so easy to cope with problems of players in significant teams but Paris used its advantage and won the match. If it was an away match for Paris, the score could be different.

2. There are some comments that Barcelona’s strategy has already understood. They began with a new coach who was Barcelona’s coach before, Luis Enrique. By comparing the defeat in Champions League with the success in La Liga, what would you like to say about the System- Player Group, La Liga and Champions League?

First of all, Barcelona has its own system and principles. The new coach should adapt this system. Luis Enrique played in this system before and it is an advantage for Barcelona. The important point here is the differences of Enrique and it totally depends his own principles and intelectual structure. He strengthened his defeating system. They are successful in La Liga and in my opinion, this year’s transfers are successful as well. Suarez is a significant player for sure and I believe that he will support the team. If Messi keeps on playing in this system, he will score more.

3. Real Madrid played against a Bulgarian team Ludogorest Razgrad in the Champions League. They could score equaliser with a penalty of Cristiano Ronaldo. They won the match with the goal of Karim Benzema in 77.minute. How can you evaluate the Champions League match and the league?

Ludogorest Razgrad was defeated against Liverpool in a same way. They have a well-qualified system and it is a chance for Bulgarian football. It is a message for World Football. Real has weaknesses in defence area. It can easily be observed. They give away goals but they score more and they win. Ancelotti gives importance to defence system, he will probably try to solve the problem. It is important how they will cope with this problem.

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