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Man insulting Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip on Facebook could serve 2 years
19 Ekim, 2011 | 13:55
Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan : Man of Lawsuits

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan : Man of Lawsuits

Libel charges were pressed recently against a man who allegedly posted insulting remarks on the social network website Facebook about the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

NationalTurk / Ankara – A public prosecutor in Ankara claimed that the suspect posted several comments on Facebook insulting PM Erdogan, as well as other members of his cabinet, ministers from AKP (Justice and Development Party) and demanded a two-year sentence for the man.

The suspect : ‘I thought the conversation would remain between friends, i love my PM’

The IP address of the suspect was detected through investigation, and investigators claimed that they had obtained necessary evidence against the insulting man.

While admitting that he may have used ‘harsh words’ against the Turkish prime minister, the suspect said that he had no ill intentions. “I now regret it. I thought the conversation would remain between friends, i love the man but i love my country more” he stated. The charges against him were defined as insulting someone “through a visual, spoken or written post.” The trial may result in a two-year sentence for the suspect.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan : Man of Lawsuits

Turkish Prime Prime Minister is known for entering law suits against various caricaturists and humour magazine in the past, claiming they have insulted him by putting his head on animal bodies. He won the case only once.

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  1. Index on Censorship » Blog Archive » Turkish man could face two-year prison sentence for Facebook comments - 20 Ekim 2011

    Turkish man could face two years in prison for comments made about Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan on his Facebook page. A

  2. michael ali - 21 Ekim 2011

    any and all speech on facebook is to be allowed if don’t like looking at something on “your” page erase it. don’t read others if don’t want to- The world is a slob anyway just perhaps Turkey is best hope for it.

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