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Mexico Drug Cartel Edgar Valdez AKA “the Barbie” arrested
31 Ağustos, 2010 | 14:00

One of Mexico’s most wanted men, drug cartel Edgar Valdez has been arrested by Mexican police according to officials.

Edgar Valdez also known as “the Barbie” is the third major suspected drug kingpin which has been arrested in Mexico in the past ten months.

Valdez who was born in Texas and is a US citizen was wanted by the United States for drug trafficking, arms deals and deadly violence.

The suspected drug lord is well known for his looks but also for the violence which his gang, Beltran Leyva drug cartel, has been involved in including bodies being hung from bridges, decapitations and turf wars including shootouts.

Officials from the Public Safety Department of Mexico have said that the arrest came after an operation which lasted over one year.

Edgar Valdez was also in a fierce war with Hector Beltran Leyva for control of the gang after the drug cartel started to feud amongst each other.

The latest arrest is said to be a significant success for President Felipe Calderon in the battle against drug cartels in Mexico.

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1 Yorum

  1. luvy wong - 03 Eylül 2010

    Well done. Thats an amazing Job, taking this trash out of the streets,Jail is vacations for this guy,
    dont let him barbie”face fool you..

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