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New Turkey-Italy route promises mutual tourist boom
14 Haziran, 2011 | 12:26

Turkish Airlines added new flights from Istanbul to Genoa Turkish Airlines will add an extra weekly service from Istanbul to the popular Italian riviera destination of Genoa, which should result in a mutual growth in arrivals for two of Europe’s top tourist economies.

The Turkish national carrier announced that it would fly four weekly services to Genoa, the Italian riviera city from which the popular Ligurian coast is most easily reached. The additional flights, from the airline’s main base in Istanbul, will commence on June 27th.

The increasing connection to the country often considered the ‘Europe’s gateway to the Middle East and Asia’ is a welcome one for Italy, which has recently renewed its tourism strategy to focus more on growing economies in both this area and Eastern Europe. The northern area of the country, traditionally considered the more ‘wealthy’ and exclusive as a regular haunt of celebrities like George Clooney and the late Elizabeth Taylor, is particularly beginning to open itself up to more mainstream tourism, with increased low-cost flights to areas like Lake Garda and new, more affordable holiday housing developments springing up.

Istanbul a destination for life ?

Turkey, particularly Istanbul, has also come into its own as a destination for both vacations and permanent relocation, with many European retirees taking advantage of the low property prices to secure themselves a great piece of coastal real estate for their retirement years. The national population registry estimates that over 100,000 migrants arrived in the Turkey’s biggest city and economic capital over 2009-10, meaning foreigners now make up 7.7% of Istanbul’s total population.


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  1. Whatda? - 14 Haziran 2011

    “over 100,000 migrants arrived over 2009-10, meaning foreigners now make up 7.7% of Istanbul’s total population”…

    Ehem, I think you’re misreading into this – migrants likely refers to Turkish migrants from rural Anatolia. Nice attempted “spin job” though 😉

  2. murata - 15 Haziran 2011

    no its not migrants from anatolia, yes ıstanbul welcomes migrants from anatolia but these 100000 are foreigners, i assure you the number of migrants from anotolia exceed 100000 in 2 months..

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