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Norway massacre trial to start, Anders Breivik ‘s sanity remains main focus ?
16 Nisan, 2012 | 13:31
Norway massacre defendant Anders Breivik to play sanity card ?

Norway massacre defendant Anders Breivik to play sanity card ?

Norway massacre trial initiates in Oslo as sanity of defendant of the Norway attacks, Anders Behring Breivik expected to remain main focus of Norway massacre trial for killings of 77 people.

OSLO, Norway / NationalTurk – Norway massacre trial of the right-wing fanatic who had confessed to killing 77 people in a bomb attack and massacre by gun assault in Norway last year has started, with initial proceedings set to focus on whether or not Anders Behring Breivik who defiantly rejectw the authority of the court, is sane.

A new psychiatric assessment report reveals that the right-wing extremist, Anders Breivik, who has confessed to Norway massacre and killing 77 people in a bomb and shooting rampage in Oslo on July 22, 2011, is not criminally insane, contradicting an earlier assessment in the Norway .

Norway massacre defendant Anders Breivik to play sanity card ?

Anders Breivik arrived in court for Monday’s opening session of Norway masacre trial in Oslo amid tight security and massive media interest, although the first day of the Norway attack trial was mostly expected to focus on a run-through of the charges and technicalities of the trial as well as on Breivik’s plea. Anders Behring Breivik, dressed in a dark suit, smiled as a guard removed his handcuffs in the crowded court room of Norway massacre trial. The 33-year-old then flashed a closed-fist salute, before shaking hands with prosecutors and court officials.

Norway massacre trial starts, Anders Breivik : Prison or psychiatric care

The 33-year-old Norwegen right wing radical and self acclaimed white warrior of Christianity o yeah baby has been charged with ‘ acts of terror ‘ and faces either only 21 years in prison – a sentence that could thereafter be extended indefinitely if Anders Breivik is still considered a threat to society – or closed psychiatric care, possibly for life. A first court-ordered psychiatric exam found him insane, while a second opinion came to the opposite conclusion.

Upon his entrance to the massacre court, Anders Breivik lifted his right fist in what he has called a rightist salute as his trial began.

‘ I do not recognise the Norwegian courts. You have received your mandate from political parties which support multiculturalism ‘, Breivik told the court. ‘ I do not acknowledge the authority of the court. ‘

His face red with emotion, Anders Breivik’s lips trembled and he wiped away tears as the 12-minute film was projected on a large screen, including photos and drawings of Islamists.

A judge responded, telling Breivik that he would have time to make statements later on in the trial.Breivik also said he doesn’t recognize the authority of Judge Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen, because he said she is friends with the sister of former Norwegian Prime Minister and Labor Party leader Gro Harlem Brundtland.

The anti-Muslim militant described himself as a writer, currently working from prison, when asked by the judge of Norway massacre trial for his employment status.

Norway massacre trial : Breivik’s lawyers say Norway massacre was cruel but necessary

Anders Breivik has confessed to a car bombing outside a Norwegen government building in central Oslo which killed eight people and the subsequent massacre of 69 people, most of them teenagers, during a shooting spree on the nearby island Utoya where Norway’s ruling Labour Party was holding a youth summer camp.

His lawyers say, however, he will plead not guilty and argue that his actions were ‘cruel but necessary’. When Anders Behring Breivik goes on trial next week, both the prosecution and the defense will say he killed 77 people in a bomb-and-shooting massacre that jolted the world’s image of terrorism.

Anders Breivik can be free in less than 21 years according to Norway laws

Anders Breivik, the murderer of 77 people has said he acted alone and in self-defence against those he considered to be ‘state traitors’ for opening Norway up to multiculturalism and allowing a ‘ Muslim invasion’ of Europe and yet Norway feeds this murderer in a prison and sob uses the Norway massacre trial as a showcase for his sick far right views. There is no death penalty in Norway. In Norway  maximum penalty is 21 years. It is common to serve two-thirds of this and only a small percentage serve more than 14 years. The prisoner will typically get unsupervised parole for weekends etc as lifers do in UK open prisons after serving 1/3 of the punishment, or 7 years. In extreme cases a sentence called ‘ containment 2 can be passed.” So this sick son will be able walk among Norwegen people probably in less than 21 years. Of course he will be slain at spot at the moment he gets free by some radical islamistic faction.

Five judges in the Norway massacre trial will consider psychiatric evaluations of Breivik presented to the court, with a verdict expected to be handed down in July.

However many Norwegians also feel Norway massacre assailant Anders Breivik will use the Norway massacre trial as a showcase for far-right views expounded in a more-than 1,500-page document published online prior to the massacre attack. In the document, Anders Breivik described the trial as offering ‘ a stage to the whole world ‘.

Norway Massacre Trial : Legal gaps and perished 77 souls by a sick maniac

The proceedings in the specially-adapted Oslo District Court will be broadcast live to 17 local courthouses around Norway to accommodate more than 770 survivors and families of victims figuring as plaintiffs.After opening statements Monday, Breivik is set to testify for five days, explaining why he set off a bomb in downtown Oslo, killing eight, and then shot to death 69 people, mostly teenagers, at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoya island, outside the Norwegian capital.After opening statements Monday, Breivik is set to testify for five days, explaining why he set off a bomb in downtown Oslo, killing eight, and then shot to death 69 people, mostly teenagers, at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoya island, outside the Norwegian capital. Anders Breivik has admitted to the attacks, claiming they were necessary to protect Norway from being taken over by Muslims, but has rejected criminal guilt. He is facing terrorism and premeditated murder charges.

The size of the Norway massacre trial is unprecedented in the peaceful Scandinavian country’s history.

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